The Religion of Lightment

The Spirit of Light is everywhere. Shining thrue an Angel or light pulb on your house. Gasoline in your car exploding light energy. In every atoms of your body recides electrons connected to Spirit of Light.

God you say? God is a ruler and creator of everything in christianity. But the most similar explanation for Lightment could be that the “God” is the surrounding light everywere. Only difference is that the Spirit do not rule and create. It provides necessary enviroment to enable chance for life. In our time it provides grouth for plants, food for people and supports life on Earth. Religion of Lightment builds to the Spirit’s message conclusions and bases on that message knowledge how everything works and what is the reason for life.

As the Spirit told to Messenger of Lightment: The Paradise (or Heaven in Chistianity) is a place where life can live without the Darkness. That paradise is the Lightment. You can too find your divinity and connect to the Spirit’s channel to see the lightment as Jesus also states: You can too joke with me and connect your self to divinity and see the heaven and only when you are alive.

Why Lightment calls it The Spirit of light instead of God? One most not take that name literally, meaning that The Spirit is a man or entity that controlls everything. It means The light is connected to everywhere, it has one act to create light to the darkness. It’s a universal will or want. Thats why we call the light connection as a Spirit or It’s will.

And here the messenger of Lightment shows how to pray and or meditate to connect the Spirit:

With open arms, and all my heart, I trust in your quidance and please hear my toughts. I pray for the peace. Thank you the Spirit of Light.

The hand symbols mean, with open arms, I take your light to my heart.