Why the Lightment?

The Lightment serves as eye opener religion. It understands our nature to relay on the Spirit, knows that we suffer from the Darkness, tries to search and provide a better life for followers.

Lets take a look few examples why we lean to the Spirit:

Have you tought what you eat, from where, why it comes, what has caused it to exists? You got to the store and take everything granted but not respect it? You often think hey let’s go to burger instead of understanding what your body needs? The food has grown by a farmer, that relays on the Spirit to provide it’s energy for the fields. When there’s a good season the farmer gets a plenty of fruits of the Spirit what you consume at your plate.

Another example why we lean to the Spirit is that almoust all people unheart of the Spirit tends to lean on it anyways. In example of light fixtures on our houses. The Spirit has stored energy to our earth, which we use to create electricicty to create the Spirit on our houses. We just prefer the Spirit not the Darkness. Our hole body needs desperately the Spirit that you are not even aware of it.

For these and other reasons and understanding that the Spirit is your quidance, your healer, your mental health controller that we need the Religion to bring the message of a better life possibilites with Lightment.


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