The Story of Muhammad

Like Jesus, Muhammad saw the Lightment, but he was not able to tolerate the Darkness.

In early days, Muhammad saw the Lightment and teached peacefull message to people what became the Islam. Later The messenger experienced the Darkness. He started to become more and more a war leader rather than the religious leader that he once was. When Muhammad learned that he’s Islam is not accepted by Christians he started to gain the Darkness. Rather than show the respect or wanting to join the religions he declared a war againts the unbelievers. The Darkness had gained a control of him. Thus the Koran started to change to violent. Koran tell to us that women do not have rights, unbelivers need to die and such things are not what Lightment teaches. The Lightment teaches the respecting of nature, others and tolaration, because were are simple servants of the Spirit’s way.

Muhammad took the real Islam to directions that even Muslims today do  not accept. There are religion movements who follow Muhammad’s dark examples, but like Muhammad the leaders of those movement are controlled by the Darkness. It’s not acceptable to unrespect of others simply by a human’s will.

Lightment consideres that the real Islam is the early stages of Muhammad, who itself were following the Jesus, teaching the peace. How ever the Lightment knows, that the Spirit is all the time arround us, taking care uf us, providing grouth. If we follow the Spirits example, we should look for Lightment, balanced life in the Paradise, respect other beings arround us. That means you and others. In such example the jihad war is not acceptable. Lightment is sure that Jihad is a Spiritual battle againts the Darkness. It’s not a battle between the people.

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