The real Jesus is just a figure of Sun worshipping

Sun, the most influental object in all religions. During Egyptian sun worshipping chirstians needed something to gain attention of egyptians and the science men who teached astrology as religion how earth works.


In astrology there are 12 zodiac signs on the sky and sun worship thinks year starts at December 25th day. Also before birth of Jesus, the age were Aeris. Beleivers felt they need to born a new Joseph -figure who is born at december, 25th from virgin mother at when age changes to Pisces (Fish age). The Figure would represent new Fish age King and hes legends were copied of Egyptian figure Horus the son of God.


The sun stays seamingly on same height at 22th, 23th and 24th day when at 25th day the sun starts to gain height on the sky again.


For this reason th birth of Jesus were written that 3 wise men (3 kings) witnessed birth of Jesus from Virgin which has Astrological symbol of M thus woman name was Maria. All this was created to mixture worship of sun and astronomy into christian religion. Jesus infact newer were born at 25th since one gospel points that real Jesus was born at Septemper rather than December since white lambs were out at the fields.


Jesus “borns” 25th when sun starts to rise, pretenting as Son of God or the Sun and this happen exactly the same year than Aries age ends and Pices (Fishes) age starts. So Pisces age day number 1 is the first day of our current calendar.


And where christian cross symbol comes from? The Astronomy southern cros at Dec 22-24 is used for symbol to point when Jesus “borns” thus Cross is the christian symbol.

Exactly the Jesus death sequence is taken from sun worship also: “When Sun deaths at sky 3 days it resurects again to rise again”. Does it sound familiar? “Jesus were crusified and dead 3 days and resurected then lifted to the sky”

So whole storie of Jesus is fake created to combine sun worship and astronomy belief together to unify masses and gain power to christians.

The lightment do not follow astronomy since it focuses on light and it’s abilitities againts darkness in the universe. Thus you may say we lean more to sun worship rather than astronomy.


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