The Bible errors where Christianity silents to followers

The Chistiany is most followed religion in the planet but there are errors in the belife that Church do not want to tell you.

  1. World ends when Jesus said at moutain that I will come back when world ends.
    – That sentence based on arabic word that means when fish age ends. So the correct translation of the Jesus teaching is : I will be back when the age of fishes ends. So no world ending to those who believe that in some day the world will end. By the way, Age of fisches ends in a year 2150. So go figure.
  2. When Jesus came back at 30 age, in bible there is one sentence:
    – Oh, that craftsman?
    That sentence has translation error. The original arabic word used on the context is Naggar which direct traslation is: Sheppar or Preacher. So in the context based on that Jesus were actually Preacher the correct tanslation is: Oh, that preacher? So no, Jesus were not craftsman but Sheppar and later Preacher. This is correct as when Jesus was born at the fields where White Sheeps.

This post will be updated as errors will be discovered.

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