Angel rising!

From today until Midsommers day, The Angel continues to rise and rise on our sky. It brings all the beneficial life, life support and mental healthy etc. You can read more at writings.

How ever when angel starts to heat remeber going too close will burn!

Why angel burns? Should it be our quide? Why do it want to hurt us?

Spirit has one great will. To create light to the darkness. In same time giving chance for life in darkness. Thus when first big bang happened the first created angel was able to ceate huge amounts of light and power to create planets. The Angel’s main duty is provide the spirits energy or life for us. Without it we die. But running life on huge planets needs a  lot of light and our skin cannot tolerance those amounts so well. Same way when you use spirit’s energy to roast a chiken at the oven it will heat and burn there.

Lightment sees also that we are able to help the Spirit, create fusion to provide our energy instead of the Angel. But humans seem to be a bit silly since the Spirits power reactor Angel is there already on our sky, why we go forward developing our own power source?

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