Darkness is still ruling

At the moment, huge ilnesses season is forcing people to stay home and heal them selves by medicines. It has started from our celebration season three days summit when the Angel stays at lowest position for three days. During this period, in Finland, people has suffered darkness so much that ilnesses has gained huge ground. At the moment hospitals are full out of regular breathing channel infections and so on.

Why do we belive in Lightment?

Lightment rules states that you should (at dark season) be atleast 30 minutes in daylight or treat yourself with 10 000 lumen lamps. One hour is recommended. This will reduce risk to get those dark season infections.

Remember, our only way to fight darkness is to sleep. But when darkness gains daytime hours, we start to suffer more and more until ilnesses come and joints hurting etc. We are beings needing light. The Spirits ability is providing and supporting life. Stay in Angel shine or threapy lamp light.

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