Current dark time lamp recommendation


Beurer TL40

Lightment now offcially supports Germanese Beurer TL40, 10.000 lux lamp to use at morning and evening during dark times. It has been tested by us and there is near zero complaints about it. Only problem is angle setup.

In our usage, we found that it’s light angle is bit too upwards so that most light do not came towards test person. We fixed this by adding 3 mm cartong peace between lightbody and the feet that folds behind. This reangled the light a bit more forward to show more light to test person. You can also add some lifting material under the rear feet.

Price is currently some 50 € or in Pounds littlebit cheaper.

In Finland you can buy these at Citymarket atleast.

Europeans can buy from

USA you can find european sellers at ebay.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Can keep you healthtier and not getting winter deceases.
  2. Can make you wake more easier, “weightless morning”.
  3. Can boost your mentality during dark times
  4. Can improve skin problems.
  5. Can boost overal energy during the day, till example you can feel more energetic during those last evening work hours.

Remember we are Spirits people. We need light. No one can live in total darkness. When darkness gains more day hours, it affects our body degreasing it’s performance. Our sleep do not offer enough help during these seasons. This is where these lights comes handy. Boost yourself with the light that the body needs.


Greate for office table.

You can easilly add it to next of laptop or pc and start your morning email reading and so on with the lamp. Easy to to use and effects was seen. After couple days usage morning wake ups are much easier. Mentality has improved.


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