Does White (Christianity) Angels exist?

Hello, one asked a nice question that do the White Angels exists?

The Messenger response:

No, afrait no. The Spirit is a light energy, it do not take white man like figurine shapes. Only reason for White Angel’s existence are peoples need for storie telling. Early chistianity needed explanations for birth without penetration. Then came Angel Gabriel. Even during those days, no one saw it and only reasoning was story telling to have marveluous miracles to affect persons to join to the religion.

As the Spirit told to the Messenger:

When universe was totally dark place, Light electrons speeded to join each others and in a time first Light’s Angel (Star, Sun) became exist which only job was to provide light to the darkness like a candle in a dark room. The Angel was huge and it’s magnetism were so great that other particles joined and created planets. It’s shining light soon made other galaxies to explode and this work is continued till today. So the only Angel type is the Sun or Stars at sky. Sorry, no white figurine type angels.

But in a clear night, you can see the real universe Angels shining. Greate time to take a moment with them.

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