Messenger’s Sad day

In past week my last grand parent was gone, and past funerals have made clear that so is respect in our family relatives, arguments over stupid things had taken place trought out.

This time it was obivious that The Messenger should keep nice and warm speak at the funeral of how grand dad’s life was respectfull and how body continues it’s journey trough time. How the Spirit will evolve the body to another life trough soil and maybe once again into human shape in someday.

I would been taking a note that the funeral day should be kept in memory of our grand father and thus leave our personal opinions and hatret on our selves and respect our great war veteran passing into next life. These warm messages that would have been aimed on missing respect with in our family relatives.

How ever my brother and mom denied my speak as it is chistian funeral and by a quote ” Such a sun belivers message is not fitting there”. The original idea was to speak about respect and the missing respect of my religion was there right away. It’s sad that only true religion of Lightment’s messenger was not good enough for grand father’s funeral. With respect missing I was sure to cancel my journey to the funeral. I can only say hope to those relatives, that someday you understand being in nature, only about 80 years, such a chance to see the wonders of Spirit of Light in action.

But as with all human made believes and their catherings are not that important as they are made by a man. Not some god’s rule or want. Being in such catherings are not that important to join.

But I am happy for my Grand dad. Lightment consideres that human death is a new begin to life on lights channel. Spirit can journey trough time to paradise of lightment. May his body have nice travel in time.

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