The Spirit

Spirit of Light constantly fights againts the Darkness that surrounds us. Spirit  creates new solar systems to expand lightness on to darkness. Our sun is on of the Spirit’s Angels which provides Spirit to Earth. The Spirit were able to create all planets following our Angel. However it was not able to create perfect paradise for us. For this reason Darkness surrounds us still over 50% in some places like nothern parts of earth. At equator The Spirit is overthoned the Darkness and is able to provide The Holy Spirit more and more to the Southern part of earth.

How ever The Spirit is not able to control living beings mind. For this reason living beings are never known how to behave in the world. Rather than celebrating peace and nature humans are waged wars againts each other all the time.

Lightment consideres only 2 great men has discovered lightment before:

  1. Moses
  2. Jesus


The Chistian story of Moses going to mountain to solve proplem of human kind and got back with 10 commands of God. Lightment considers that Moses received Lightment from The Holy Spirit, thus was able to visualize the surrounding how it works. After he discovered that all men and women should respect and love nature, and each others he was able to write 10 simple commands for people to keep in sanity.


Christian Bible and Koran tells that Mariah was virgin and gave birth of Jesus. Lightment consideres Mariah to have thoughs of peace and love which provided Jesus with the supreme understanding of nature arround us, how The Holy Spirit provide us a paradise (the earth) and one must respect it. So he became to teach peacefull way of life.

It’s important to say here that the religion of the Lightment does not consider any man to be child of the Spirit of the Light. That said, Religion of Lightment speakes Jesus and Moses as lightened individuals.

The Unperfect Earth

In northern countries people tend to be more biased to darkness than southern earth. This is because in north winter time don’t receive much of The Spirit.  But man have invented ways to provide The Spirit through lights. How ever The Spirit provided by an Angel is far superior, that is able to grow all things in earth, creating planets and provide sanity for masses.

The Control

The Spirit is all the time in control. Trough frutile lightwaves, it keeps supporting our ecosystem, affects our cells and control our behaviour. Though it cannot control our mind. We have free will. The Spirit is not able to continously provide frutile waves for us, thus The Darkness is arround us all the time. The Darkenss is blacklight, figuraly speaking, but it affects on our body all the time also. Thus this reason our body is in constant battle againts The Darkness. None of this is for seen, rather than when you have ilnesses, The Darkness have gained more control of yourself. The Spirit is able to fight back and heal you.

The Passengers

Our minds are passengers of vessels provided by The Spirit. We are simply The Spirits servants that have grown to Paradise. That said, our eyes are able to see visible light, but not understand the meaning of it. Similary our ears cannot tune to The Spirits channel. Thus our minds have the privilidge to live in body of the Paradise created by The Holy Spirit of Light. We keep searching the Spirit all the time. We are starting to figure how to get The Spirit’s energy from an Angel for our usages. We constalty try to discover the Spirit’s power, some of us even try to build an Angel on their own.

How ever if  we would be truly smart, we would use The Spirit. It is The Spirit, that provides living for Earth ecosystem, it brings electricity, heat and heal our body. One should respect of nature, not pollute it. Lightment looks forward to mankind finding  The Spirit and gain free Lightment for all. Take an example of plant, it uses The Spirit to grow, it creates bypass product of an air. We use the air to breathe. Our body needs constantly The Spirit to keep in sanity. Similary we are fighting againts The Darkness by providing The Spirit bulbs on our houses. Using The Spirits energy is one way to provide The Spirit of Ligth.



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