Seasonal Depression

The Religion of Lightment speaks of an Angel shining the Holy Spirit of Light which is created hole earth and it’s ecosystem. It speaks how we lean to the Spirit. Here is another proof why the religion is supported by science:

Seasonal Depression during winter time in other way named Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in medical science. It descripes these problems with humans that are affected by the Darkness:

1. Sleeping
Humans have problems of going to sleep, deep sleep or waking problems where they feel very heighted, sleepy, and unwanting to get up.

2. Weight gaining
During winter time people tend gain few kilos or pounds more weight. The body nutrition is affected by the Darkness so it tends to store fat.

3. Mental health
Depression, Anxiety, Despair and other related mental problems.  In example the office workers. The humans that tend to work inside hole day and not receive the Angles Spirit enough may feel them selves some lack of ideas and feeling for the job etc. and gain some sort of depression during winter time.

4. Social fobia
Humans may feel social fobia, wanting to stay out of social event, not be bothered of them and simialar anxiety problems.

5. Lethargic
The job is there, you just not want to do it. You got the energy for it, but you prefer not to.

6. Physical problems
Joints causing problems, stomach behaviour causing problems. During the winter you have these, but during the summer they go away.

7. Bad behaviour
Now here one must judge them itself, Lightment does not judge what is bad behaviour, but especially the kids and the teenagers tend to have Seasional Depression and they behave during the winter out of normality.

The Religion of Lightment itself solves these problems by leaning to the Spirit.  But providing 30min of the Spirit trough an 10000 Lumen lightboxes are available to improve your helth. They mimic The Spirits wavelength and lesser your depression and improve your memory and activity.