The Genesis

At first world was a darkness. A dark space in time. In the darkness were none life. Only particles of atoms. The Spirit of Light were lighting only those atoms. Then the Spirit taught to fight againts the Darkness. The Spirit accelerated speed, which helped other particles to join and after time a first Angel were shining at the Darkness.

The Spirit used Angel’s power to create planets following the Angel. However the Spirit were not happy. The Darkness is too evil, it needs more hope. Trough lightwaves it commanded other particles in the universe and said to them; Let there be a Lightment.

And our Angel became to exists. Same way were created our solarsystem. The Spirit said behold let there be a paradise. It infused hydrogen and oxygen particles to 3rd planet. Thus were created water on its surface. With the Spirit’s power were created clouds, lightning and planets surface started to mold.

The spirit said; with my power, I can create life. Thus bacteria started to develop in water. The Spirit’s power is so strong, together with water the bacteria evolved soon to plants on the surface. The bacteria started to accelerate and develop new life.

With the Spirit’s power the plants started to grow, developing different flowers and woods. Thus the Spirit said, let there be oxygen. The plants developed photosynthesis and started to emit oxygen as well as trees. Now the carbon on planets air started decay and oxygen replaced it.

This even faster accelerated bacteria to grow and soon first living animals were evolved. Years passed and the Dinosaurs were ruling. They faced horrible extinction from the planet. A Huge rain of dust and heat exploded on terrain. Forcing air to become toxic.

After then, came a long winter. This killed even more animals. During that period lived mammoth’s and sapel tooth tigers and others. But ice were everywhere, crass was not found anymore so animals were dieing. Lot’s of animals were killed in these disasters.

Planet gained warmth gradually back and ice melted, seas were reforming, grounds were transforming. Years passed and came the monkeys that were human predecessors. The monkeys started to change, walking with only two legs, losing thus the hair, and soon they developed their first language.

First spoken humans were Adam and Eve. The early human brain were not complete suffering from hallucinations. In those hallucinations they saw a garden full of fruits. They saw that if rotten apple is eaten they would die.

Then they started to multiply, years went, each generation was grown more intellectual but darkness were with them always. This leaded to horrible events, where people behave violently against each others. Earth as the planet was named, started to heat the atmosphere. One human were clewer foreseeing this.

Noah’s ark

Noah was a carpenter who lived near ocean. He became to see that air is heating, the water level started to rise. He had a hallucination of world under a water. He’s instincts told him, that he needs to rescue the loved ones.

So he constructed the biggest boat, called Ark made from wood, that he could. Then he commanded animals and loved ones to the Ark, and said to them: Don’t leave, something bad is going to happen. I have provided food for us here on the ark.

So became the frozen water at north and south to melt and water surface rose drowning the people on the earth. The float was lasting a hundred and fifty days. Noah’s cleverness saved them. Then did the air cool and water surface was reduced in hundred and fifty days to original height.

Noah made altars for divine earth’s creator that he’s family respected. During these times the descendants of Noah started to call the Spirit of Light as a God. However as the family evolved, it expanded to numerous other nations to the earth. Invoking many different religions.