The Paradise

The Earth. Unfortunately our starsystem is not a perfect one. In the perfect starsystem The Holy Spirit would be able to create two guardian Angels to provide lightment eternally. Thus this is the reason why the Darkness is lurking even in our Paradise. Similarly we humans are not perfect beings. We suffer the Darkness all the time wageing wars, fighting , killing, polluting and others. If we all would able to see that Earth is paradise made by The Holy Spirit of Light, would everybody understand that we should respect our paradise and not desroy it.

It is well studied that leaving a man to complete dark room makes human to go berserk. He gets hallucinations, angry feelings and depression.

You all have experienced warm sun light wagening at morning, how sun light provides you a good mood, the great feelings.

The true paradise would be a Lightment. There would be eternal daylight, The Spirit arround us all the time, keeping the Darkness away.