The Rules

The Religion of Lightment will continue write here some of the religion rules. The rules are depatable. Lightment looks forward for celebrating Life, Love and Peace.

1. Expose to the Spirit

Atleast 30 minutes of your day is needed for your body’s need of the Spirit. You should get it directly from outside the Angelshine or in a cloudy day using the Spirit of Light mimicing 10,000 lumens therapy lamps. The preferred hours are 8:00 to 12:00 AM with lamp and noon Angelshine for keeping your mental health and body in balance. No more than one hour are needed. Remember that going too close to an Angel will burn.

2. Pray for the Spirit

Praying happens with open palms together at front of your hard, eyes looking to up with closed eyes. The best is trying to look directly to the Angel with closed eyes. Lightment does not allow other religions to be followed same time. The Spirit of Light has created everything.

The right sequence:

  1. Open arms wide, hands on side of the body facing forward “With Open Arms”
  2. Arms closed together on to your heart “and all my heart”
  3. Head facing up, possible toward an angel, eyes closed looking possible to an angel “I trust your quidance”

So the the pray starts by thinking “With open arms and all my heart, I trust in your quidance”.

3. Celebrate the Angel’s day

When the Angel shines from blue sky, remember to celebrate the day somehow. Show your respect to the Spirit. The Spirit is there for providing the raining and accelerating the organic growth.

4. Eat healthy

Humans are build to eat meat, wegetables and fruits. Do not consume too much carbon based food.

5. Respect others

Do not figth, plan war, rape, insult or pully others etc. Darkness will try to seduct you to do bad things. Remember to be polite and listen what others have to say. Tell about the Spirit to others with peacefull manners, and teach why the Spirit is arround us and always looking after us.

6. Day of the Year

Midsommer’s day. The day when earth receives most of the time Holy Spirit during the 24 hours on our planetary system. During Midsommer’s day, community should gather and pray for 30min (Preferable in Angelshine). After praying community can continue the meeting as they please.

7. Three day summit

During december 22 – 24 is kept season ending summit. During this summit would be held disgussions of next season, prayed together and celebrate angels to provide frutile next year. During the summit the Angel is keeping at lowest postion on sky until 25th december it starts to rise again.

8. Angels revival party

At december, 25th is kept celebration of angel’s revival. Next year starts when Angel starts to rise again on the sky.