Messenger’s Sad day

In past week my last grand parent was gone, and past funerals have made clear that so is respect in our family relatives, arguments over stupid things had taken place trought out.

This time it was obivious that The Messenger should keep nice and warm speak at the funeral of how grand dad’s life was respectfull and how body continues it’s journey trough time. How the Spirit will evolve the body to another life trough soil and maybe once again into human shape in someday.

I would been taking a note that the funeral day should be kept in memory of our grand father and thus leave our personal opinions and hatret on our selves and respect our great war veteran passing into next life. These warm messages that would have been aimed on missing respect with in our family relatives.

How ever my brother and mom denied my speak as it is chistian funeral and by a quote ” Such a sun belivers message is not fitting there”. The original idea was to speak about respect and the missing respect of my religion was there right away. It’s sad that only true religion of Lightment’s messenger was not good enough for grand father’s funeral. With respect missing I was sure to cancel my journey to the funeral. I can only say hope to those relatives, that someday you understand being in nature, only about 80 years, such a chance to see the wonders of Spirit of Light in action.

But as with all human made believes and their catherings are not that important as they are made by a man. Not some god’s rule or want. Being in such catherings are not that important to join.

But I am happy for my Grand dad. Lightment consideres that human death is a new begin to life on lights channel. Spirit can journey trough time to paradise of lightment. May his body have nice travel in time.

Angel rising!

From today until Midsommers day, The Angel continues to rise and rise on our sky. It brings all the beneficial life, life support and mental healthy etc. You can read more at writings.

How ever when angel starts to heat remeber going too close will burn!

Why angel burns? Should it be our quide? Why do it want to hurt us?

Spirit has one great will. To create light to the darkness. In same time giving chance for life in darkness. Thus when first big bang happened the first created angel was able to ceate huge amounts of light and power to create planets. The Angel’s main duty is provide the spirits energy or life for us. Without it we die. But running life on huge planets needs a  lot of light and our skin cannot tolerance those amounts so well. Same way when you use spirit’s energy to roast a chiken at the oven it will heat and burn there.

Lightment sees also that we are able to help the Spirit, create fusion to provide our energy instead of the Angel. But humans seem to be a bit silly since the Spirits power reactor Angel is there already on our sky, why we go forward developing our own power source?

It’s the Angel’s rising season party


Tonight is the years last day and darkest three days period ends as Angel starts to rise again and provide frutile light more and more to us until Midsommers day. Tonights it’s the years second important holiday to celebrate the spirits gift the Angel that will go more and more frutile for us in coming days. So good new year for Lightment followers!

It’s two candels day!


Last night at three candels night, the messenger prayed more ligth to our darknest three days. Spirit responded and brought blue sky in Finland and Angel shining it’s fullest light possible. So this meant party for two candels night. Messenger organised private disco for followers in Finland. We started party one day earlier since spirit really made difference last night.


It’s the three candels day to celebrate Angels three day down period. 22 is 3 candels bruning until day has changed. You can also share your toughts with the Spirit. We burn candels to provide more nature light to darkness and help the Spirit on it’s job when it’s angel is at the most lowest state sharing The Spirits light. The three day year ending celebration has started.

Lightment holydays 22. – 25.12

We celebrate 22. – 25.12 Angels year season end and start. At 22th we light 3 candels, at 23th 2 candels and the most meaning candle at 24th to celebrate year ending. 24th is also the new year evening and party. We will keep new years Midday ceremony at 25th to celebrate next year start.

Peacefull holydays to followers!

The Bible errors where Christianity silents to followers

The Chistiany is most followed religion in the planet but there are errors in the belife that Church do not want to tell you.

  1. World ends when Jesus said at moutain that I will come back when world ends.
    – That sentence based on arabic word that means when fish age ends. So the correct translation of the Jesus teaching is : I will be back when the age of fishes ends. So no world ending to those who believe that in some day the world will end. By the way, Age of fisches ends in a year 2150. So go figure.
  2. When Jesus came back at 30 age, in bible there is one sentence:
    – Oh, that craftsman?
    That sentence has translation error. The original arabic word used on the context is Naggar which direct traslation is: Sheppar or Preacher. So in the context based on that Jesus were actually Preacher the correct tanslation is: Oh, that preacher? So no, Jesus were not craftsman but Sheppar and later Preacher. This is correct as when Jesus was born at the fields where White Sheeps.

This post will be updated as errors will be discovered.